Research in Plant Sciences leads to production of novel and elite  varieties that resist against pest and diseases. Scientists working in Crop genetics research (CGR) apply cutting edge technology to produce traits that benefit the entire food and feed production system. The objective is to produce the varieties hybrids with valuable properties, by using conventional breeding  both by genetic modification and marker assistance breeding. Thus innovative straight  Varieties and Hybrids are  developed using State-of-the art breeding techniques to improve the reliability and success rate of conventional breeding which includes marker assisted breeding, Biotechnology and Molecular biology.

Sri Rama Agri Genetics Research & Development capabilities are concentrated at major sites in India. These centers of excellence have been established for key activities to discover and develop future products of Sri Rama Agri Genetics Products.

The objectives of R&D activities are as listed below:

  • Evolving of elite hybrids/ varieties with high yield potential, possessing tolerance to pests and diseases.
  • Support and further development of the existing product range.
  • Development of new traits that will enhance crop quality. These include the traits to improve resistance to pests, diseases and drought, as well as  to incorporate higher nutritional values. 

We possess excellent research staff to look after our research activities at each and every state. We have well equipped in-House R&D unit that was approved by Department of Science & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi. Our research faculty comprises of  one principle Scientist, Senior Scientists, Ag.Post Graduates, Technical Assistants and  Field Assistants Staff to look after our research activities at different farms.

We are voluntarily conducting IHT & AHT trials of ICAR,  for Sunflower & Jowar crops. We have good support and coordination the project coordinators  from to conduct these trials regularly. We have also formed an IBSC committee as per the requirement of  Dep.of Bio- Technology, Govt.of India.

Bio Technology:

Our R&D is also extended to Bio-technology aspects of crop production. In the newly constructed Green house the progress concerned with transfer of Bt genes into elite parental lines of cotton, are in progress likewise , a biotechnology laboratory is also established to assess the Bt protein content in the folioqe and seed material of transgenic varieties /hybrids of Cotton.