The company has built up considerable capacity, manpower and resources to produce in time the required quantity of good quality seeds. Sri Rama has vide network of seed producers in all the agro climatic zones of India in consisting of 5000 loyal farmers.  Sri Rama supervises the seed production in great detail by providing upto date crop management methods and training to the farmers.  Our network farmers, managers combined with Information Technology network ensures steady supply of around 50 seed products from 20 different crop plants.  The production is organized in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and Tamilnadu and in some crop specific northern states through its experienced managers and technical staff. The company also takes up hybrid seed production programme on contract basis with genuine contract farmers and monitor quality standards through its own staff.

Key Notes

  1. Wide production network all over India
  2. Good relation with the Growers
  3. Producing targeted quality of seeds with very high quality within the specified time frame
  4. Close monitoring for better agronomic management
  5. Ensuring genetic purity through standard field isolation
  6. Systematic monitoring and reporting at critical stages of crop growth